Winnipeg Golden Chordsmen Chorus
Barbershop Harmony Society - Land O' Lakes District - Northern Plains Division
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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In fond memory of Norv Christopherson - 1929 - 2017

IMG_2004 b (2) (759K) norv 1 (1139K) Norv (209K)
Winnipeg Golden Chordsmen shared an evening of song with former member Neil Klippenstein (centre)

WGC Neil Sharon (360K)

Music of the Night - 2017 Annual Show

Music p1 (133K) SHERLAR p (342K) ART p (282K) MILES 2 p (351K) PERRY p (408K) BRIAN S p (419K) DOOGIE p (235K) JIM p (425K) SHERLARSHIRLEY p (407K) Gary p (192K) CASS p (421K) Chris p (479K) Cass p (2) (202K) Norm p (224K) Scott p (214K) Norv p (204K) Earl p (193K) DRUMM p (428K) BRIAN M 2 p (256K) Music p (417K)

Music of the Night
Music 2 p (284K) Hunter 1 p (383K) FALL2 p (216K) HAR 2 p (385K) VP 2 p (263K) Drumm 2 p (315K) Chorus p (311K) Hats p (374K) chorus masks 5 p (349K) NOTORIOUS p (326K) VP 3 p (281K) Hunter 2 p (353K)

Special Membership Renewals - presented by Larry Bredesen

Harold Casselman - 68 years..........Norv Christopherson - 53 years
LARCASS  p (155K) nh2 p (123K) NORVLAR2 p (133K)

2017 Sing Canada Harmony scholarship presentations to Art Gross and Larry Hunter

SCH ART scholarship Ap 17 (990K) SCH LARRY scholarship Ap 17 (525K)

New Member Installations

Installation feb 1 17 (95K)
Larry Bredesen, ROBERT BELTON, SCOTT WEBBER, Bruce Wilton

2017 Manitoba Legislature Levee

2017 Levee 2 (109K)

2016 Winnipeg Golden Chordsmen Awards

2016 Barbershopper of the Year - Art Gross
IMG_20161028_214826 (35K) boty  art bw (769K) BOTY ALL (179K)

Quartet of the Year - Vocal Point...........Dorothy Casselman Lifetime Achievement Award - Bruce Wilton
IMG_20161028_213123_edit (595K) DCLA BW (111K)

Attendance Awards - Art Gross, Drummond Brown, Norm Silverberg, Harold Casselman, Milt Muldrew (missing)

Golden Apple Award - Gloria Finnbogason
Golden Apple 2016 (1005K)

Harold "Cass" Casselman - Our Hero!

68 Year Member, VP of Membership/Chapter Development, Baritone - Vocal Point
Charities Chairperson, Sunshine

August 2015 012 (141K) BHS Convention 2 014 (37K) Cass Gerry (114K) WGC Sept 10 14 Cass 006 (38K) August 2015 015 (109K) Vocality Champions of Tomorrow (47K) Vocal Point - WGC Annual Show 2016 (112K) IMG_0696 (118K) cass 3 (70K) 170 years (115K) WGC Sept 10 14 Cass 006 (38K) Vocal Point 14 (66K)


Herold Driedger (rt)
1st Canadian Founders Club Member of Land O' Lakes District
Founders Herold (39K)

Vocal Point - 2016 Sing Canada Harmony - Champions of Tomorrow

Nov 14 16 044 (47K)

Sing Canada Harmony - 2016 President's Council Members (5)

Gordon & Paula Billows...... Larry & Sherrie Bredesen......Gord Southam
P  G PC 4 (1202K) PC L S 16 (142K) Southam PC 2 (35K)

Sing Canada Harmony - 2017 Ambassadors of Song
Gordon Billows(SCH Board), Gary Miles, Gord Southam, Brian Sanderson, Milt Muldrew, Herold Driedger, Bernie Gunn, Larry Hunter, Sherrie Bredesen, Larry Bredesen, Les Gurr, Harold Casselman, Art Gross

*WGC members on the "KEEP A MELODY RINGING" memorial plaque
at Barbershop Harmony Society headquarters in Nashville, TN:

KAMR (31.2K)
Eric (38K) Terry (39K) Jeep (27K) Bob (35K) Cliff Harris KAMR (7K)
Bill Christie plate Aug 15 (263K) Jim Gilroy KAMR (6K) Rob Thomlinson KAMR (7K) Ron 3 (15K) Arnie 5 (24K)
Doug Holden, George Morrow and Norv Christopherson have just been added to the KAMR plaque.

Sing Canada Harmony has families' permission to accept "In Memoriam" donations
to recognize and honour the members named above, as well as, the following:
Ray Dorey and Mike Cook.

Contact Gordon Billows ( for information
about Sing Canada Harmony's scholarship, donor and memorial programs.